Innovation Day 2021|3rd November - 13:00h CET

Delivering Innovation

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Innovation Day 2021 Innovation Day 2021 Innovation Day 2021 Innovation Day 2021


Transforming innovation into reality

Having an innovative vision does not guarantee success. At Telefónica we are experts in identifying, promoting and developing ideas to transform them into disruptive products for our customers.

Discover our latest internal developments launched in the market, our investments in leading startups and how we help them do business with Telefónica globally.

Find out how we create new digital businesses internally and also along with other startups, institutions or companies to jointly generate value...

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The entire event will be available in Spanish and English with simultaneous translation when necessary.

Helena Díez-Fuentes
Our Chief Digital Officer shares with us the challenges and achievements in innovation in such a challenging year.
Learn how we generate joint business between Telefónica and our startups, and discover our success stories of collaboration with our partners in this roundtable.
We will showcase how, thanks to internal innovation, we are building the networks of the future and the 5G businesses that will give way to new, much more personalized digital experiences.


Chema Alonso

Chema Alonso

Chief Digital Officer - Telefónica

Irene Gómez

Irene Gómez

Telefónica Open Innovation Director

David del Val

David del Val

CEO Telefónica Research and Development - Telefónica Core Innovation Director

Jan Beger

Jan Beger

Senior Director Digital Ecosystem - GE Healthcare

Alan Lowe

Alan Lowe

CEO & Co-Founder - Visionable

Juan Vázquez Barco

Juan Vázquez Barco

Gaming Innovation Responsible - Telefónica

Josué Igual Blanco

Josué Igual Blanco

Product Manager - Telefónica

Helena Díez-Fuentes

Helena Díez-Fuentes

Events' Energizer


Telefónica Auditorium, Central Building, Distrito Telefónica

Ronda de la Comunicación s/n

28050 Madrid

Station: Ronda de la Comunicación - Line 10

T61 - Fuencarral railway station - Telefónica
172 - Mar de Cristal - Telefónica

About us

Innovation has been a part of Telefónica's DNA since its early days

We understand that the ability to anticipate the future, to understand the needs of the company and to work to remain pioneers in the digital world is key. Therefore, from the innovation areas we strive to execute with excellence and consistently over time our core business, while exploring new technologies, projects and businesses that provide us with the capabilities to reinvent ourselves.

We support all of this with internally created innovation and with innovation developed externally by third parties in which we invest or with whom we collaborate closely.

Core Innovation works to innovate over the assets of Telefónica, such as the networks, the data or the video, through the development of proprietary solutions.

Open Innovation, through our Wayra Hubs, our network of funds via Telefónica Ventures, the open-public collaboration spaces Open Future and Venture Studio connects Telefónica with local and global entrepreneurship to drive innovation coming from startups and scaleups to our business. In addition, we share our platform, knowledge and infrastructure with third parties to generate joint opportunities. In addition, we share our platform, knowledge and infrastructure with third parties to become significant partners for future game-changers.

This way, through our different approaches to innovation, and the talent and continuous work of our teams, in Telefónica we are positioned as pioneers of innovation, without which the digital world in which we live could not be understood.

Innovation Day 2021

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Relive this journey through Telefónica's innovation last edition and be part of the group of explorers who accompanied us during the journey through this experience.

If you are going to live it for the first time, we recommend that you keep an open mind to discover which technologies are transforming the world and the great announcements in terms of innovation.